Reform Party of Arizona State Convention
January 12, 2002

The meeting was convened at 1:15 PM.

Location: Sun City West Community Service Center
14465 RH Johnson Blvd, Sun City West, AZ

The 2002 Reform Party of Arizona (RPAZ) was called to order by Chairman Weyrich. at 1:15 PM. Secretary Mimi Roush gave the Invocation and led the attendees with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Elton Hall introduced the Guest Speaker, former Governor Evan Mecham, and Rosella Quinn presented Chairman Weyrich for his remarks and official opening of the State Convention. Following the informal introductions of the State Committee Officers by Chairman Weyrich, the Agenda Items, as listed below, were presented, discussed, and voted upon.

Note: due to time constraints, some agenda items were skipped by unanimous consent.

Discussion/Vote on By-law Changes

All of the Proposed By-laws Changes were accepted by acclamation except the paragraph "By-law & Platform Changes," John Gilbert stated his opposition, and following deletion of the words "by-law changes and" this plank was also accepted by acclamation.

Discussion/Vote on Abolishing Anti-Union "Right to Work" Laws

Vote carried after discussion among members for the stated issues. The issue regarding the above-mentioned Plank was further discussed with suggestions for revision, deletion of certain words, and/or rewritten (see page 3) with motion made by Les Freeman, second by John Gilbert, and vote carried to accept after these changes were made.

Discussion/Vote on Pro-Life Plank

Following much discussion, motion was made by Les Freeman, seconded by Mimi Roush, and carried by a vote of 7 yes, and 4 opposed for the plank to remain as written.

Discussion/Vote on Immigration Platform Planks

There was much discussion regarding this issue with a vote by acclamation that the Immigration Laws be included in Planks.

Other Planks

All other State/Local planks passed without modification.

Nomination/Election of State Officers

Chairman Weyrich read and regretfully accepted the resignation of Secretary Mimi Roush. (Mimi stated she will type the Convention Minutes and mail to Chairman Weyrich and the newly elected Secretary [Scott Malcomson].)

Rosella Quinn took over the podium and Dr. Weyrich volunteered to be State Chairman, and vote was accepted by acclamation. Other officers elected: Vice Chairman Les Freeman; Treasurer: Rosella Quinn; Secretary: Scott Malcomson. Members at large (1) Troy Strother, (2) Elton Hall. Delegates to National Convention: Troy Strother (CD 5), Jack Kretzer (CD 7), Scott Malcomson (CD 8), Rosella Quinn (District 6), Elton Hall (CD 3), Tom Buggeln (CD 5), John Gilbert (At-Large), and Les Freeman (At-Large). [Note: according to the RPAZ by-laws, the Chairman, Dr. Weyrich, is also an at-large delegate]. The date and place of the National Convention will be announced when the information is available.

Candidate Speeches

Chairman Weyrich introduced Scott Malcomson, candidate for AZ Governor, and Scott addressed the State Convention attendees regarding his campaign issues and the RPAZ Platform Planks.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM


Submitted by Mimi Roush

Edited and converted to HTML by Daniel Weyrich

Ratified by Dr. Weyrich, Tom Buggeln, John Gilbert, Dan Gutenkauf, Troy Strother, Scott Malcomson, Rosella Quinn