Reform Party of Arizona
Joint State/Executive Committee Meeting
August 25, 2001

Location of Meeting: In the home of Dr. Weyrich

Meeting was called to order by Dr. Weyrich at 2:00 P.M. In attendance were: Troy Strother, Tom Buggeln [State Committee -- Maricopa], Elton Hall, Ralph Brandt, Rosella Quinn, Mimi Roush, and Dr. Weyrich.

Treasurer's report was presented by Treasurer Rosella, discussed by members and filed.

New Business

  1. Members reviewed, discussed and voted on changes and/or deletions of various sections in the packet outline of the "Reform Party of Arizona Platform for National Candidates." Dr. Weyrich recorded the voting of changes.
    1. Dr. Weyrich made a motion, seconded by Elton and vote carried to publish a newsletter in September and October. Dr. Weyrich volunteered to do the writing, editing, and printing of the newsletter. He suggested the initial newsletter to be mailed in mid-September, that members send to him by September first a brief personal biography and statement of their philosophy ("hot-buttons") regarding the Arizona Reform Party.
    2. Motion by Dr. Weyrich, seconded by Rosella, and carried by vote to have a contest in the September newsletter to choose a new name for the newsletter, and offer a prize of a business-card ad or a T-shirt for the best new name.
    3. To defray cost for newsletter mailing, Dr. Weyrich made a motion, seconded by Troy, and carried by vote that we sell business card ads for $24.95 for one month or $40.00 for a two month ad in the newsletter.
    4. Discussion regarding newsletter mailing label resulted with a motion by Troy, seconded by Ralph, and carried by vote that the mailing label be addressed to (for example) "The Jones Family" if the database has multiple persons with the same surname at the same address, rather than mailing multiple newsletters to the same address. Motion carried by vote.
  3. Rosella requested instructions as to the disposition of Buchanan books in her garage left over from the 2000 State Fair. Dr. Weyrich stated that the Wittenbergs should be asked to pick them up or pay for shipping them back to them, and if they don't, we will sell them.
  4. BOOTH AT THE STATE FAIR: Discussion with motion by Mimi, seconded by Ralph and vote carried that we will not be having a booth this year at the Arizona State Fair.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENTS (by Dr. Weyrich):
    1. Per State law, it is necessary that the Arizona Reform Party increase voter registration by November 1, 2001 in order to regain ballot access.
    2. Per the Bylaws, the next scheduled Arizona State Reform Party Convention will be held after the first of the year (2002).

NEXT MEETING SEPTEMBER 14th: Rosella graciously invited us to be in her home for a 6:00 PM picnic dinner (RSVP REQUIRED). The meeting will follow our social time. See you September 14th at Rosella's.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Tom, second by Ralph for meeting to adjourn at 5:00 PM passed.

Respectfully submitted, Dorothy (Mimi) Roush, August 27, 2001.

Converted to HTML with edits, Dr. Weyrich, August 31, 2001.

Corrected minutes approved by the Executive Committee, September 14, 2001.