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September 2001 Newsletter

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The following is the full text of the newsletter. The printed version will be edited to fit the page limit allowed by our budget.

Chairman's Message,
by Dr. Weyrich

Thousands of people were killed September 11 by dedicated agents of some extremely hostile unknown power. We grieve for these lost souls, and resolve first and foremost that it must never happen again. Defense of our homeland must come before responding to hate with hate. Before Congress authorizes any action, each and every member should pause to consider President Washington's parting advice to the American People:
In it he warns against entangling alliances, and urges our nation to seek moral and religious leaders. We have failed to heed these warnings. Declaring that character didn't matter, we twice elected a immoral despot to the White House who proceeded to bomb civilians throughout the world in order to divert attention from his own political crises. We have made so many enemies throughout the world that we aren't even sure where to look for our tormentors.

While a fool takes offense when none was intended, the greater fool takes offense when offense was intended. The attacks September 11 were clearly intended to offend. We should be very careful about rising to that bait. Our reaction should neither be swift nor ill-considered. The first thing taught in martial arts is to not strike in anger - because with anger comes carelessness. Clearly this attack had many months if not years of planning. We should do no less.

Recall the words of the America the Beautiful - "America, God mend thy every flaw; confirm thy soul in self control..." Brothers and Sisters, pray that God have mercy on us for our failure to follow our founding father's inspired advice, and grant us the wisdom to rectify these failings. God Bless America.


It is an American tradition to rally 'round the President when we suffer a foreign attack. For this reason, the Reform Party of Arizona will refrain from publicly criticizing our national leaders during this time of crisis. However, we urge all Americans to give thoughtful consideration to the lessons of history, and to privately share their concerns with the President and Congress. Consider for example the Reichstag Fire in Weimar Germany, and the ensuing disastrous loss of civil liberties: .
While we will be rallying 'round the flag at the national level, the Reform Party of Arizona sees much fair game at the state and local level - won't you join us in reforming our corrupt or incompetent state government?

Maricopa County Meeting Scheduled October 13, 2001

Maricopa County will conduct a general business meeting from 11 AM to 2 PM. This will be the first opportunity for us to meet to discuss the events of September 11. We also need to discuss voter registration, clean election funding, and local office candidates. Other possible business items include electing State Committeemen and County Officers, and other organizational matters.

The meeting location is COUNTRY HARVEST BUFFET, 7720 S Priest Dr. on the SW corner of Priest and Elliot in Tempe. Take the Elliot Road exit from I-10 and go East one block. To cover the cost of the meeting room, please plan to arrive early and buy lunch at the restaurant and sign the roster at the cash register.

Convention Call

Be sure to mark your calendars, as this may be the only announcement we have funds to mail out.

The Reform Party of Arizona will hold its annual convention January 12, 2002, 1:00PM - 4:00PM in the Quail and Coyote Rooms at the Sun City West Community Service Center, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd., Sun City West, AZ. Important agenda items include ratification of revised state party bylaws and platform items, election of state party officers, and election of delegates to the 2002 National Convention. All members of the Reform Party of Arizona are invited to attend (bring proof of voter registration to vote).

Maricopa County residents will also hold a County meeting preceding the convention (12 noon to 1:00 PM). Possible business items include electing State Committeemen and County Officers, and other organizational matters.

The Executive and State Committees will meet in joint session following the convention (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM). Possible business items include implementing decisions of the State Convention.

Donations of homemade goodies for a bake sale fundraiser are welcome.

Never Again

When we take sides in foreign conflicts, we must expect to draw the ire of the other side. For example, if we are going to support Israel, we need to expect to draw the same heat Israel receives. While this is not a time for precipitous changes in foreign policy, we need to consider carefully how we can best protect our people. The Israeli model includes a well-trained and armed citizenry. It is no coincidence that the United States was struck, rather than Israel. It is obvious that we cannot depend solely security personnel, our military, and police to ensure our safety.

Terrorists strike the weakest link of our security chain. Each American must resolve not to be that weakest link. The heroes of Flight 93 acted decisively to thwart the military objective of the enemy, perhaps saving the White House or Congress.

Now is the time for each American to become personally involved in the security of this nation. Every able-bodied American, regardless of political persuasion, is part of the militia referred to in our Bill of Rights. That doesn't mean going out to practice blowing up cacti in the desert. Join or form a neighborhood watch group. Take martial arts classes. If your situation allows, learn to properly handle a firearm and get as much practice as you can. Sign up for the free disaster response classes offered by the Red Cross. Get an amateur radio license and practice disaster communications. Join the Sheriff's Posse. Support your neighbors in the Guard and Reserve when they need to leave their jobs for training or active service. Look for other ways to become trained in disaster prevention and response. If we fail to get personally involved in defending our homeland, America may well suffer the same fate as Rome. This is a job we cannot afford to leave to others.

Bring them Home

Fox News reported that "lawmakers were told in classified briefings that additional attacks are 'possible if not probable' and they should not assume a false sense of security." Gen. Jack Singlaub, the former U.S. supreme commander of all U.S. forces in Korea said, "There is a possibility of a biological or chemical attack."

In our view, we need our military here at home protecting our own borders. The Reform Party of Arizona repeats our call for withdrawal of American forces from the Balkans and other "police actions." We also caution against a Desert Storm-type deployment at this time - we need to defend our homeland rather than leaving our homes and families undefended while we seek revenge.

Press Releases

We need to issue more press releases to get our message out. But how? The Reform Party of Arizona Bylaws say that the Chairman should make press releases, after getting approval from the Executive Committee, and that these statements need to be consistent with the principles and platform chosen by our grassroots members at the State Convention. But here is the catch - The Chairman is a volunteer, just like everyone else in the RPA, and cannot be an expert on all matters of interest to the membership. If the RPA is going to produce quality press releases, we need your help. If you have a hot-button issue, you can follow the news on that issue, keep a scrapbook of relevant facts and figures, and write the first draft of a press release when a significant event occurs (check with the Chairman first, to avoid duplicated effort). Then forward the draft, along with a copy of supporting information, to the Chairman, who can then complete the task of copy-editing, vetting, and distribution. Press releases can be thousands of words long. You can use multiply the power of your research by writing a letter to the editor (see below).

We also need several computer-savvy people to take charge of faxing press releases to all corners of the state (so that we can minimize long distance call costs).

Finally, we need postal addresses, fax numbers, and even better, e-mail addresses, of political editors all over the state, especially the small local and weekly newspapers that are often more receptive to Reform issues. Please check your local papers and let us know.

Focus Our Anger

We must not repeat the error of World War II, when we used Census data to round up loyal American citizens of Japanese descent, by indiscriminately turning our anger on foreigners or non-Christians within our midst. However, we clearly we need to do a better job of screening those who enter across our borders. The United States has welcomed many hard-working immigrants who came here to become Americans. Unfortunately, in recent years we have also allowed far too many subversives and criminals to enter our country. We must reestablish control of our borders, to prevent foreign agents, terrorists, smugglers, and reconquistdores from entering. We must also find a way that respects the civil rights of our citizens to purge from our country the subversives and criminals already within our borders.

Signature Issues

What makes the Reform Party different from the Democrats and the Republicans? We asked that question when we mailed out the July Convention announcements. The answers we got were directed mainly at the national level. Our signature issues are National Sovereignty, Election Reform, Fiscal Responsibility, and Constitutionally Limited Government. Since the Constitution of the USA gives different roles to the Federal and State governments, our signature issues are necessarily different at the State level. What are our State and local signature issues? Election Reform and Fiscal Responsibility come to mind. What else? Join our platform committee and help us shape our State and local platform to define what our candidates will stand for.

Communication Cells

Politics is a battle for the hearts and minds of the voters. Battles can be won or lost depending on the quality of the field communications. Because we are small, we must be more lithe and agile than our big-party opponents. We don't have money for phone banks and direct mail campaigns, so we need to rely on technology. The Internet is a godsend to grassroots activists: it is fast, reliable, and cost effective. You don't even have to own your own computer - many libraries and senior centers have public access computers. Internet mail allows many folks, especially those who have health problems, live in rural areas, or have awkward work schedules to effectively communicate in party business. However, if we rely solely on Internet mail, we disenfranchise others folks who cannot use Internet mail. The solution to this problem is that we need to organize communication cells - a phone tree rooted with someone connected to the Internet. This person then becomes responsible for calling the members of their cell who lack Internet access, printing flyers to pass out, sending faxes, or even convening a neighborhood meeting. If you have Internet mail, please give us your address (send e-mail to Likewise, if you want to be part of a phone or fax tree, give us a call (480/391-0821).

Communications Officer

The Executive Committee has a vacancy for Communications Officer. If you would like to volunteer to take charge of organizing our Communications Cells, and are connected to the Internet, send e-mail to

National Platform

The recent National Convention of the Reform Party USA made a number of changes in the National Platform, which is mainly binding on our Presidential Candidate and National Officers. These changes have not yet been officially published. The Arizona State Committee has reviewed the National planks, and developed a provisional National Candidate Platform, intended to be binding on Arizona Congressional Candidates and to guide party officers when making public statements. This provisional document will need to be accepted or rejected at the next State Convention. This provisional platform can be viewed on the Internet at
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Reform Party Candidates in Arizona

How can a person become a Reform Party of Arizona candidate? What state and local candidates will be representing the Reform Party of Arizona in the 2002 elections? The bad news is that unless we increase our voter registration or conduct a costly petition drive, the Reform Party of Arizona will not be entitled to a ballot position and we will not be able to run any candidates. The good news is that many people are asking these questions, and one person, Scott Malcomson, has declared his candidacy. Arizona's clean election laws will provide good funding for our candidates if we can get them on the ballot, and the easiest way to get our candidates on the ballot is to get our voter registration numbers up. To become a candidate, all you have to do is be a member of the RPA, file your papers, and collect enough signatures and $5 donations to qualify. Of course, candidates who are active in assisting our voter registration drives will be most likely to get the support of our rank and file members :- ). For more information, contact the Reform Party of Arizona.


The officers of the Reform Party of Arizona are listed on the web at

Business Card Ads

Our treasury is running low - unless we get additional donations we may not be able to mail another newsletter. You can help by purchasing a business card-sized ad in our next newsletter for $24.95. Contact Rosella Quinn for details.

Host a Meeting

Some folks thrive on a good face-to-face meeting. If the Internet is not your thing, consider organizing a local meeting - we'll provide a speaker to come and talk about what's happening in the Reform party of Arizona, and also to listen to what is on your mind.

Speakers Bureau

Civic groups often need to find someone to speak at their meetings. We have people in the Reform Party who would be happy to come address these groups on a variety of topics. If you belong to a group, suggest they invite a Reform Party speaker. If you would like to be added to our speaker's pool, let us know.


Do you subscribe to political newspapers, letters, and magazines? Spread the word! When you are done reading, don't throw it out! Leave it in some public place for others to read - at a barbershop or doctor's office, even in a restroom stall. You might want to remove your name and address label of course. Ditto for this newsletter. In fact, make copies of the newsletter and distribute to your friends and relatives!

Contribute Your Time

We need volunteers to help with many different tasks, including help with phones, preparing mailings, circulating petitions, voter registration, pamphleteering, speakers, technical support, and helping people get to the polls. If you can help, please drop us a note or give us a call.

County Organizers

At present, only Maricopa and Yuma Counties have a County Chairman (John Gilbert and Jack Kretzer, respectively). Our by-laws provide for the State Chairman to appoint Provisional Chairmen in counties that lack elected Chairmen. If you would like help organize a county, please contact the State Chairman (Dr. Weyrich).

Letters to the Editor

One way to get our message out is by writing letters to the editor. Although most letters are not accepted, the old saying goes: "If you throw enough mud at the wall, sooner or later some of it will stick." Here are some guidelines for writing an effective letter that has the best chance of getting published:
  1. Smaller papers in your area are most likely to print your letter; large papers that don't distribute in your area are least likely.
  2. Look on the editorial page of the paper you are submitting to for specific instructions on how to submit a letter.
  3. While it is good to refer to something that the paper recently published in order to submit an alternative view, avoid insults and attacks. E.g. Instead of saying "you commie pigs got it wrong again" just say "you failed to consider that...."
  4. Directly address a single issue that is currently in the news.
  5. Try to maintain a constructive tone - be sure to offer a solution to any problems you identify.
  6. Try to include an ironic or humorous twist, but don't make inappropriate jokes. The goal is to bring a wry smile, not a guffaw.
  7. Cite verifiable facts. Provide an addendum after the letter that documents where the editor can go to verify your assertions.
  8. Keep it as short as possible while still getting your message across.
  9. Editors prefer e-mail because it is easier to typeset.
  10. The RPA Chairman (Dr. Weyrich) will be happy to copy-edit and advise on any letters that you wish to submit.

Difference between State and Federal Issues

One of George W. Bush's campaign themes was education reform. He proposed to nationalize it. But where in the Constitution does it say that is the purview of the Federal Government? Granted, as Governor of Texas, Governor Bush had some success in education. But if improving education was his goal, he should have stayed on the ranch in Texas. We as American voters need to be more discerning of what issues we consider when we elect our National leaders. The Federal government has certain important duties, foremost of which is defending this country from foreign threats and regulating foreign trade. Presidents, Senators, and Representatives need to be elected based on their competency in these matters; not in what paternal programs they want to federalize.


Our treasury is running low. The Reform Party has traditionally not accepted contributions from corporations or Political Action Committees (PACs). We must depend on donations from our members and friends and the sale of advertising. There has been some discussion that perhaps we should accept contributions from like-minded PACs. There are at least two questions here: would taking money from PACs compromise our integrity, and can we find PACs that are more willing to donate to us than our own membership? There is also the question of accepting donations from small businesses (who may be incorporated). Certainly there are many small businesses in Arizona who would benefit from our "America First" platform. Without funding we cannot accomplish our goals. Without integrity, our goals aren't worth accomplishing. Tell us what you think!

Call for PR People

The Reform Party of Arizona needs people to work with the Press. The national party has offered to help train our volunteers in. If you would like to help as a public relations spokesperson, contact the RPA chairman, Dr. Weyrich.

Vote with your Feet

We all want to support our President and Congress during this time of National Crisis. We must present a united front to the world, whatever our personal misgivings. Communicate your misgivings directly to your elected officials, rather than mounting public protests. One thing you can do, however, to demonstrate your displeasure with the way the Democrats and Republicans have failed to protect this country's interests (and Arizona's) is to change your voting registration to RPA (Reform Party of Arizona). If we are to become a viable political force in Arizona, we must increase our voter registration before November 1 of 2001.

According to the official numbers from the Secretary of State's office, 12,373 voters voted in the last election for the Reform Party candidate (Pat Buchanan), out of a possible 2,173,122 registered voters in Arizona. This means that 0.57% of all registered voters in Arizona felt strongly enough about our message to vote for our candidate, despite a media news blackout and adverse publicity. While we were hoping for at least 5% of the votes cast so that we could retain ballot status, the good news is that another way to gain ballot status in Arizona is to increase the number of voters registered as RPA to 0.67%.

If we can get everyone who voted for Pat Buchanan in the last election, and a few of their friends, to change their registration to RPA before November 1, we will be able to run candidates state wide in the 2002 elections.

Platform/Issues Chairman's Message,
by Dan Gutenkauf

The two major parties may be losing their grip on voters. An article in USA Today dated August 31, 2001, concludes that the 2000 election showed an increasing alienation of Americans from the two major political parties. According to Curtis Gans, director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, "It is abundantly clear that both major parties are losing their hold on the American electorate." The nonpartisan study reports that this trend creates an opening for an independent or minor party presidential candidate in the 2004 election. "It is an accident waiting to happen," said Gans.

One month earlier, in an article from Newsweek magazine, dated July 30, 2001, Sen. John McCain said "There's a growing vacuum out there. Unless the two parties move to fill that vacuum, you'll see the rise of independent candidates."

In the District of Columbia and the 28 states where voters register by party, Democrats claimed 33.6% of those registered. That continues a decline that began in the mid-1960s. Republicans increased their registration slightly to 25%, while independents and third parties climbed to 18.1% to continue a steady rise from 1.5% in 1960.

Another finding of the SAE committee's report was that two trends aimed at increasing voter turnout - liberalized absentee voting rules and expanded access to early voting - actually hurt turnout in states where they were tried. And Oregon's use of all mail balloting hasn't spurred turnout as much as expected, the report said.

Early balloting is becoming the norm in the Phoenix area, according to an article in the Arizona Republic dated August 6, 2001. If the trends hold, about 80 percent of the registered voters were projected to cast early ballots in the Sept. 11 election. Arizona is one of 26 states offering some form of early voting. It used to limit early voting to people over 65 or residents who plan to be out-of-town on Election Day. But the law was changed in 1993 to allow any registered voter to request an early ballot.

"With early voting, there's a potential for voter fraud and bureaucratic problems such as mailing ballots to the wrong addresses," said Patrick Kenney, an Arizona State University political science professor. He said early voting's biggest impact is on the candidates, who must change their campaign strategies. "There's no way they can make their final push in the last six to seven days," he said.

This author discovered a disturbing fact while assisting mayoral challenger Gene Ganssle with advice on election law in Tempe's recent, first-ever recall election. House bill 2258, recently passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor, contains a provision allowing for counting of early ballots after the logic and accuracy test has been performed. The logic and accuracy test is mandated by Arizona Revised Statutes 16-449 to ascertain that the electronic voting equipment and programs will correctly count the votes cast in an election. ARS requires it to be performed within one week prior to the election. A major concern with this new law should be who is supervising the counting of ballots, especially since such a large percentage of voting is now done by early balloting. This would appear to leave a large window of opportunity for vote fraud. The RPA election reform plank calls for an end to early return ballot casting.

One method for combating vote fraud has recently been proposed as a Libertarian Party initiative for the city of Glendale. It would require a 100% manual count of paper ballots at each precinct. The goal would be to ultimately achieve a manual count at 5% of the precincts selected at random. This writer's research reveals that California and Nevada already have statutory provisions for a manual count at 1% of the polls selected at random. As a joint study by MIT and California Institute of Technology revealed last March, paper ballots provided the most accurate vote count out of five methods used over the past four presidential elections. In Canada's 2000 election, 13 million paper ballots were manually counted at the polls in four hours.

To the American Worker:
Opinion by Elton Hall

The media tells the workers that all is well with Free Trade instead of Fair Trade. Labor leaders in Washington told Union workers that they were against the NAFA-GATT agreements, but then they supported the Democrats' and Republicans' destructive anti-labor Free Trade agenda, which has cost American workers hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs. Clinton went public, telling the American workers that "He had faith in the American workers to compete with foreign workers." What Gall! Workers here pay $800 dollars or more for a roof over their heads in the cities while foreign workers barely make that much in a year. WHY? Greed Rules!

The media tells us that the right thing to do is to wallow in debt and slave labor. The multi-national corporations have no loyalty toward the people of this nation or any other - people to them are just producers and consumers to be exploited, not human beings.

As the workers who built unions, and as the members of those unions, we must demand that our needs and interests be the interests of the labor leaders too. While labor leaders tell the worker "to vote for the best of two evils," we demand true leadership for workers from real labor leaders, not from elitists who by their proximity to the Multi-Nationals have become multi-Nationals themselves.

Yes! We want Reform! We want labor leaders to tell the WTO to go to hell. We want the America and the American worker to be first. We must demand the same of politicians who continue to bleat their patriotism while they sell this country out to the highest bidder and greed.

As working people we fought the communist monster. Now we are faced with another monster of equal proportions: World Capital. This "New World Order" would destroy our national sovereignty and it's liberties. This monster tells the worker that if we work for less, then our cost will be less (sic). Nonsense! With all the foreign slave labor and the neo-slavery of the immigration invasion, the cost to the consumer continues to rise. One would think that with technology, production would be faster and more economical. But while workers are being laid off, prices continue to rise.

We are living in a time that reforms are needed. The Reform Party's task is paramount, but impossible with out you to help. Without your help, the sellout of the producers in this country will continue, with ever-increasing personal and public debts and misery, ultimately leading to the cheapening of our people's very citizenship. The future is up to you. Together we can and will control our own destiny, instead of being controlled by the one-world plutocrats who would have us as slaves.

He is Us:
Opinion by Virgil Roush

I am sadly amused at the reaction of our State Department regarding the attack on our New York skyscrapers and Pentagon. Our officials seem to be trying so hard to place the blame in every direction other than their own failed policies of the past 75 years.

Our government has been guilty of messing around in the business of small foreign nations and trying to take control of their way of life. We have been very successful in fostering hatred, disrespect and envy from countries around the world.

Our "Open Door" policy to the world, inviting them to use our educational facilities and to walk off with our manufacturing and technology is an act of pure stupidity. This has to stop! We have met the enemy and he is us!

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