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Press Release October 11, 2002

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Citizens Clean Election Commission Ducks Meeting

When the Citizens Clean Election Commission (CCEC) met on Tuesday, October 8 they heard comments from four candidates who were denied their civil right to equal treatment by the CCEC, as well as from the Reform Party of Arizona (RPAZ). They adjourned until Friday, October 11 without acting on these complaints. They have now cancelled the Friday meeting, and have no scheduled meeting to address this issue before October 29. Clearly the CCEC feels no sense of urgency about mitigating the continuing damage being done to the candidates who have been denied equal access to the forum provided by the Candidate Statements Booklet that the CCEC distributes to all voting households.

Dr. Weyrich, one of the candidates whose name appears on the general election ballot but who was not included in the booklet distributed by the CCEC pointed out to the CCEC that "time is of the essence in this matter, and since early voting has already begun, irreparable damage is being done to the candidates who the CCEC excluded."

Apparently the CCEC is unconcerned. Is it because they feel that the Candidate Statements booklet is not important to the voters or candidates? If so, why did they waste taxpayer money printing and mailing it?

On the other hand, if the booklet is worthwhile, what the CCEC has done is use taxpayer money to make an in-kind contribution to the opponents of the excluded candidates. Clearly this further dirties the election process that the CCEC is charged with cleaning up.

The RPAZ is dedicated to real election reform. If this is the best that the CCEC can do, perhaps it is time to go back to the drawing board.

The RPAZ is now collecting emergency donations to cover the cost of a media campaign to take this issue to the public. Please make checks payable to "Reform Party of Arizona" and mail ASAP to: Ms. Rosella Quinn, RPAZ Treasurer, 13179 E. Cloud Drive, Chandler, AZ 85249-3838. State law requires the occupation and employer of all those contributing $25 or more during a calendar year.

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