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Press Release April 27, 2005

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Emergency State Convention May 7, 2005!

Whereas a faction of the National Committee (NatCom) of the Reform Party USA (RPUSA), meeting in Atlanta on April 23, 2005 has issued the following announcement:

"A unanimous vote of a majority of the Executive Committee has issued a call for an emergency national convention for June 3-June 5, 2005, at the Best Western Westshore Hotel, 1200 Westshore Blvd., Tampa, FL. A majority of the national committee, meeting in Atlanta, has ratified the call to convention and the emergency situation."

"The 2005 National Convention will convene at 3:00 pm, Friday, June 3, 2005. Credentialing of Convention delegates will begin at 1pm Friday, June 3, 2005."

And whereas the aforesaid meeting in Atlanta is of contested validity due to its failure to adhere to the rules of order of the NatCom;

And whereas the Atlanta meeting potentially represents an attempt to divide and destroy the RPUSA using tactics similar to those used to precipitate the Buchanan/Hagelin split;

And whereas the Reform Party of Arizona (RPAz) needs to elect delegates on short notice to the aforementioned National Convention of the RPUSA or to decline to recognize said National Convention;

And whereas the fallout of the Atlanta NatCom meeting will potentially fatally cripple the RPUSA;

And whereas RPAz Officer elections need to be conducted,

Therefore the Chairman of the Reform Party of Arizona, Dr. Weyrich, hereby calls an emergency joint State Convention, State Committee, and State Executive Committee on May 7, 2005 from 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM at the clubhouse on 601 West Kings Lane, Yuma Arizona.

The Yuma County Reform Party will provide pizza, munchies, and drinks.

Driving Directions: Please see MapQuest. Disregard maps showing access from 8th avenue. Only access is from 4th Avenue via Kings Lane.

Agenda items are proposed to be limited to the following:

  1. Consideration of the validity of the National Convention call.
  2. Consideration of the desirability of severing ties between the RPAz and the RPUSA if certain "trigger" events come to pass.
  3. Consideration of ways in which the RPAz can best work with other non-major parties to achieve mutual goals.
  4. Election of officers and delegates.
  5. (Time permitting) Update to the platform.

Please respond ASAP to Dr. Weyrich, Chairman, regarding your plans to atend/not attend, and to arrange car pooling from Maricopa County (see contact information below).

Please print or e-mail this announcement to your reform-minded friends and family!

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