Reform Party of Arizona State Committee Meeting
July 27, 2002

Meeting convened at the home of Dr. Weyrich. There were 5 out of 9 members of the State Committee in attendance:

Dr. Weyrich (Chairman)
Rosella Quinn (State Treasurer/National Committee)
John Gilbert (Maricopa County Chairman)
Tom Buggeln (Maricopa Committeeman)
Jack Kretzer (State Membership Development Chairman)

Not present were:

Scott Malcomson (Secretary)
Troy Strother (State At Large/National Committee)
Dan Guttenkauf (State Platform/Issues Chairman)
Ryan Gauger (Pima County Chairman)

By-law Changes

By-law changes to give candidates access to the RPAZ mailing list and to allow candidates to run under other party lines while the RPAZ lacks ballot access were discussed and tentatively approved, pending Internet voting of all State Committee members. [Final approval with no dissenting vote effective August 10, 2002]

Change of Name of the RPAZ

Jack Kretzer suggested that the Reform Party name has negative baggage, and that we should change our name to the Independent Party. Rosella objected that she liked the name as is. Dr. Weyrich suggested that before we consider the matter further, that we needed to clarify whether we would lose our current registered members if we changed our name, and whether or not the Secretary of State would allow us to use the word Independent in our name. The committee voted to charge Jack with getting a written response to these questions from the Secretary of State.

Candidate Endorsements

The question of whether the RPAZ would endorse candidates was discussed, and it was agreed that we would wait until after the primary to issue endorsements.

Filling Vacancies

John Gilbert volunteered to assume the role of Vice Chairman, and was unanimously elected to the position.

Since John Gilbert assumed the role of Vice Chairman, the role of Maricopa County Chairman devolved to Maricopa County Committeeman Tom Buggeln, who accepted the position.

Scott Malcomson was elected to fill the at-large delegate to the National Convention position that was vacated by the resignation of Les Freeman.

The resignation of Pima County Chairman Ryan Gauger was acknowledged. Pima County Vice-Chair Bob Connery has not yet accepted the position of Pima County Chairman.

Southwest Regional Representative

The Committee voted unanimously to nominate Jack Kretzer as Southwest Regional Representative.


Recorded by Dr. Weyrich

Ratified by Dr. Weyrich, Tom Buggeln, John Gilbert, Dan Gutenkauf, Troy Strother, Scott Malcomson, Rosella Quinn